the EazyKayy She Fine Edit + Go Eazy Milestone

Read up on Go Eazy EP charting and the creative behind the scenes from EazyKayy's new single: She Fine, including content creation collaboration and extending visions with muses in mind


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10/27/20234 min read

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Go Eazy #41 on iTunes

On June 11, 2023 EazyKayy’s Go Eazy EP peaked at #41 on the iTunes Nigeria charts. We're proud of EazyKayy's success so far, and all the hard work and dedication he puts into his craft. This is only the beginning.

One Night Stand #51 on Boomplay

On June 29, One Night Stand by EazyKayy hit #51 on BoomPlay charts in Russia.

Shout out to our President, Ejiro who also has a birthday today. He champions the distribution and promotion of the music, allowing us to chart and see numbers everywhere. We're celebrating both EazyKayy and the team on this success today!

She Fine Behind the Scenes

The Cover

We worked with @mohlz_art for the cover. Usually we design the cover in-house.

This time we wanted to try something new and we found this creator online. They make awesome 3D graphics that remind me of endless capabilities with Blender. We wanted this cover to stand out, and it did just that.

It also was a perfect muse for the back cover which I designed, and the lyric video which I animated for the first time.

The video

As creative director, I handled the lyric video. As you know we've trained our artists and team to create their own social media videos. This is what we call content creator mode. It's important for authenticity for the artist to be involved or to be the muse. EazyKayy's work was the muse for my video editing process. I wanted to idealize the female figure while exemplifying feminine magical energy in certain ways. And this work extends from a project I started in 2020, so I found that fruitful as a video artist. I think the video came out well but video files are quite large, so make sure you playback and render before you export #iykyk. Here are some out posts from the video work:

Collaborating our Visions

Usually for creative direction we work in-house to finalize our strategy then we talk with our designer, whether in-house or a subcontractor. Again we share a vision from our heads, ensuring transparency when we communicate, so the director and designer get the clear picture regardless of using the perfect words. After some samples or initial back and front, we come to terms with the final idea which puts all our heads (thoughts and ideas) together.

Since everyone is a part of the music's audience, we always ask whoever we partner with to listen to the music, feel their sentiment and bring a vision forward. Then we negotiate the priorities of the art. The visuals are always accompanying the music, yet I find the visual medium has authenticity that sometimes audio alone can't atone. Blending our visions is like a scrapbook of ideas and POVs, while always centring the artist.

This may sound vague to those inexperienced with this, but we're very good at this. We're currently working with other artists as well, helping them produce more content and collaborate their visions in different ways.

The synergy of teamwork is something I enjoy. And I also love social media / Instagram culture where we share and tag each other in our collaborative work. It's so fun to celebrate our shared success as a team.

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Branding the artist

Note to Artists: The need for collaboration may be something your investors may not understand. But part of the perk of having a manager or at least someone to support your true vision in the progress of your career, can actually help you see success in every step. The innate drive to align your vision with others and connect with them, is a trait that can take you far in this space. A simple way for artists to do so is ask for allocation of budget towards certain collaborations, so time and space is made to work with your favourite creatives.

At the end of the day this journey is yours, and it equates to your life, so there should be some goals that emulate exactly what you want to experience in your career.

We also offer branding and content direction as a service to artists. If you're interested, reach out to us on Instagram @ciebeljayinc DM or email us at

a pink balloon - shaped like a sign that says she's finea pink balloon - shaped like a sign that says she's fine
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