She Fine, Go Eazy EP Video Performances


Drew Sybil, Ejiro Ojirevwe

10/13/20232 min read

What a Spooky Friday 🎃👻 Happy Friday the 13th.

New Music Release : She Fine - EazyKayy

Introducing EazyKayy's new music called "She Fine" Listen to it here: PLAY NOW

We released this new women empowerment song called She Fine on October 5th. It’s an afrobeats original with guitar strum intros, acoustic feels but full of pop taste. The intro sings “Don’t be asking questions, you know the answer.” Then the rest of the song displays a deep admiration for female figure, women’s confidence and their feminine essence. It entails awe at how women bravely move through their lives knowing they are the centre of the universes, like the main character, and the artist admires that.

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She Fine Visualizers (social videos)

Here are some stylized videos done by EazyKayy, managed by us

This is a residency video with lyrics on screen, and cool audio visual effects. Watch now on Instagram.

The visualizer above was shot in Lagos, Nigeria by the beach, including cool emotes and grooves by EazyKayy, with the full credits in the caption. The intro involves a get-together for a friend's birthday.

Song details for engineers and audio nerds
  • We made this song over 6 months ago, near the end of April on the 27th.

  • We used FL Studio and Joint stereo

  • the bit rate is 192 kbps, with a sample rate of 44.100 kHz. The bpm is 106.

  • We’ve listened to it 68 times since.

  • It’s 2 minutes 32 seconds and a half

Recap of Go Eazy EP Progress

Check out these 2 acoustic cover performances for Track 1 & 2 from the Go Eazy EP. Watch them on EazyKayy's Instagram or on TikTok.

Track 2: One Night Stand Music Cover | Watch now on Instagram

This song is about love found in an unlikely place. It talks about the kind of love that’s everlasting, not fleeting or full of lust. And a romance that ensues between the artist and their muse, wondering if the tension between them is because their love is too strong. He eases his love interest into the romantic feelings, confirming yet questioning “So you never had a loving like this, something more than a one night stand?”

You can also watch this on EazyKayy's TikTok:

Track 1: No Think Am Acoustic Cover Performance | Watch on Instagram

Track 1 of the Go Eazy EP is about facing trials and tribulations early in the success of your life. It’s about having to keep pushing towards your goals although it hurts you inside to face issues from past friends you used to rely on.

Also the crippling anxiety that follows once realized the depression you’ve feeling you will face alone. In the end the artist finds the desire and inspiration to keep pressing towards their goals.

Go Eazy Numbers

Total Spotify Streams as of October 13 2023, 3:45 PM EST

  1. No Think Am: 125,685

  2. One Night Stand: 173,661

  3. Crocodile Skin: 137,437

  4. Ayanfe: 87,241

  5. Them Times: 120,857

To conclude, in the words of EazyKayy: "Art must be made"

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