Go Eazy Out Tonight + Destiny strikes Tomorrow

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Drew Sybil, Ejiro Ojirevwe

5/29/20233 min read

Go Eazy the EP releases tonight. It’s a 5 track EP mixed with different stories about love, romance, growth, life, the journey, and more. No Think Am, the intro, starts off discussing deep feelings and how they impact the body. This relates to experiencing anxiety and depression from your own sentiments.

Here is a breakdown of each song, quotes from EazyKayy describing each song:

NO THINK AM We first named this song Feelings, since it's deliberately describes the emotional turmoil that can exist within our heads. All the swarming thoughts can cloud our mind, sometimes even losing focus on our goals. It's a relief to know many of us go through this, because there are remedies.

EazyKayy: That song special to me mehn, Wrote it before i even got the beat done (that special).

The phrase “No think am” is actually Pidgin for “Don’t overthink it” you know.

I am an Overthinker actually, Like i try to be in control of situations happening around me a lot of time and sometimes Life don’t actually work like dat, cos we have little to no control to most of the things that happen around us. The song is basically me saying Sometimes we have to feel how we feel (which is human) but at the same time “It is what it is.” So rather than feeling bad or miserable for things you cannot control, focus on the ones you can and Enjoy yourself while you do.

ONE NIGHT STAND This song has a floating saxophone introduction and slight presence throughout the song, acting as both an echo and harmony to the song's beck and call. It's a heartfelt song inviting someone who's willing to believe in true love again, or at least a lasting one. The idea of something more taunts the listener, yet reassures them at the same time.

E: One night stand Is a song About Love&Romance, Being in situations where you have to Convince a girl how true your feelings for her is and she being in doubt Maybe due to past Experiences, But you put in work Regardless. If you find yourself in that position, This song’s for you.

CROCODILE SKIN has a deep melodious start, then the beat kicks in with a constant thump that doesn't end. It turns into a dance jam quickly, insisting the resistance of dance. It's also a self-love mantra, pumping up one's instincts while denying common temptations. The energy reads hard work, and dedication to mastering one's craft.

E: Crocodile Skin is a flex type of song you know, Lifestyle, Real Life. Heard the beat and i was like This has to be Jiggy, I have to “Talk my sh!t.

AYANFE definitely feels like a wedding song. EazyKayy had this song in his record vault. It's a classic love song with great guitar strums, a prominent happy tune that's upbeat yet mellow.

E: Ayanfe is a Love song, Just Vibes you know..

The moment i heard the beat I knew, Yeah this has to be some Afro-RnB type song With like a Wedding kind of feel. Came Up with the chorus instantly, Structured everything else later and that was it..

DEM TIMES The first time I heard this song, it felt like a goodbye, a good outro to a chapter well done in someone's life. It relates to moving on to new beginnings. It signals a turning point in someone's life where they release all bad habits and put the effort into achieving their dreams. It also reminds us of being grateful for the past, both good and bad, which forced us to heal and move forward.

E: This song talks about my Journey, the growth, the Ups, the Downs and Everything.

Me still Being here, still Putting in the Work, Still doing what i love the most, Being Positive for the Future and all.

Not being too Hard on Myself, “Going Eazy” cos Eazy does it!..

On Thursday, Destiny releases. Phayell had a great performance at the Go-Eazy EP Listening Party. He also performed at Mainland last night. Check out his instragram (https://www.instagram.com/asapphayell/) to watch some clips of last night, and our page to see what you missed at the EP listening party.

Also, at the listening party, EazyKayy performed the entire EP. Below, we'll discuss the tracklist in more detail, including some production notes, along with quotes from EazyKayy.