Artists Update #2 "Past, Present, Future"

Current Music Covers, 2022 Release Recap, 2023 Phayell Singles & EazyKayy EP


Drew Sybil, Ejiro Ojirevwe

2/23/20232 min read

Welcome back to Ciebel Jay News. This week we're discussing the Past (2022), the Present (covers, and remixes), and the future (releases, singles, and EP). First, a recap of our 2022 Releases.

2022 Releases

Released 3 Singles: Tonight, LOCO, Confidential

  • Confidential 🧬 is a new afrobeats single with Phayell singing melancholy to a bouncy, heavy, bass beat with lyrics sang in Yoruba, Patois and English. The Lagos born star exudes emotion on the track, explaining to us why he wants their love to be confidential.

  • LOCO is a vibrant dance afrobeats song reminiscent of original dance pop or Shake & afro distinct sounds with the confidence of a danceable tune. It has a kick with its killer bass and guitar strums. It literally makes you want to dance. The song is about a man who's fallen for a woman's love that makes him loco. From his first single of the year, Eazykayy hopes to leave a lasting impression on his listeners with sounds, and an originality they’ve never heard before.

  • Tonight is a love song detailing intimacy between Phayell and his lover. He treasures her body, wanting her all to herself. This 2000s meets afrobeats beat, features an EazyKayy intro, that melodizes effortlessly into Phayell’s smooth vocals. This narrative is reminiscent of emotional dancehall as Phayell is often inspired by it.

Artist Update: Phayell Singles

A&R wise we’ve been working closely with Phayell exploring his sound but also enabling him to use music to communicate his deepest feelings. This was evidently successful in his latest cover of LiBianca’s People, his rendition expressing his viewpoints on the upcoming Nigerian election.

We think Phayell has found his sound. We’re excited for his future music releases.

In the near future, Phayell will be releasing more singles. Currently his sound is a mix between dancehall and Yoruba influences, with some pop and rock star tendencies. As he develops his voice more, we might be surprised with what he has to release.

Confidential 🧬

Check out these "Confidential" videos by Phayell:

Confidential Release Video;

Confidential Skit Video;

Confidential Music Vlog

Artist Update: EazyKayy EP

We’ve fully recorded EazyKayy’s EP. It’s looking like a love EP - based on different sounds, scenarios and reminiscences of love.

The EP definitely gives RnB flows with ample Afrobeats bass, acoustics and instrumentation. It’s emotional and nostalgic at the same time, reminiscent of times we looked into the future at what our love life could be like.

Check out these covers on EazyKayy’s on Audiomack:

Check out these covers on EazyKayy’s on Instagram:

EazyKayy - Leader Lojay cover; EazyKayy - WO WO Minz Remix

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