2023 Label & Artists Update, 2022 Recap, and more

This label update involves a 2022 Recap of Releases and Accomplishments, Artists Updates from EazyKayy and Phayell, Upcoming News like EP and Merchandise, and Links to all Music currently available


Drew Sybil, Ejiro Ojirevwe

2/1/20233 min read

2022 Highlights
  • Signed 2 artists: Phayell (@asaphayell) & EazyKayy (@eazykayy)

  • Phones for artist + upgraded their content creation strategy & tactics

  • Released 3 Singles: Tonight (June 2022), LOCO (August 2022), Confidential (November 2022),

    • Confidential 🧬 is a new afrobeats single with Phayell singing melancholy to a bouncy, heavy, bass beat with lyrics sang in Yoruba, Patois and English. The Lagos born star exudes emotion on the track, explaining to us why he wants their love to be confidential

    • LOCO is a vibrant dance afrobeats song reminiscent of original dance pop or Shake & afro distinct sounds with the confidence of a danceable tune. It has a kick with its killer bass and guitar strums. It literally makes you want to dance. The song is about a man who's fallen for a woman's love that makes him loco. From his first single of the year, Eazykayy hopes to leave a lasting impression on his listeners with sounds, and an originality they’ve never heard before.

    • Tonight is a love song detailing intimacy between Phayell and his lover. He treasures her body, wanting her all to herself. This 2000s meets afrobeats beat, features an EazyKayy intro, that melodizes effortlessly into Phayell’s smooth vocals. This narrative is reminiscent of emotional dancehall as Phayell is often inspired by it.

  • Hired Staff in Lagos, Nigeria to carry out tasks for the artist such as equipment acquisition, logistics/transportation & artist promotion and development

  • Set up a fully furnished Artist residency with a full music production studio

  • Paying our artists a living Allowance

  • Started EP & future Singles Production

A Peak Into our 2023

As we’re helping the artists find financial balance between their allowance and residency, we're steadily working towards our goals for this year. Part of our goals is to add more to the residency, so they're both comfortable and their creativity is being facilitated through amble equipment and experienced personnel. Our current production goal is to make a full sound: where the listener's ear has plenty of exploration, creativity and witnessing expression.

Working on New Music

This past weekend we had a label recording session at the artist residency. We’re working on EPs and singles. In the future, we'll be looking for collaborations for these and further projects.

Currently, we're getting our artists accustomed to producing top quality talent in every recording session! Apart from our formula and directing producers, we're learning how to tap into creativity and our personal stories for every session. We’re also working on authentically creating relatable music, with ample emotions and situation-ships. This will transcend to all our videos and social media content as well.

Artist Update: EazyKayy EP

So far the team is antsy with excitement, as we think you'll be impressed with the flows and rhythms EazyKayy has cooking in his new EP. Eazy is working out more and sharing his mind online. In the music, we want to learn more about EazyKayy and what drives his musicality and expression. So far the EP gives some insight, but we’re still recording. We’re excited to see what he’s got to say!

In the meantime expect some covers and features in label vlogs and social media. He's especially enjoying the new label house! Be sure to follow him along on Twitter.

Artist Development

Much of our artist development strategy depends on true self development and artistry. We want our artists to work on their craft as an extension of themselves plus their self expression. We want our fans and listeners to emulate and understand what is being said in each song. Advice is best given individually, so we work with each artist and staff to further our mission and accelerate reaching their goals. A key strategy for all of us: is to be straightforward and honest in our communication, because we all need each other's insight!

Artist Update: Phayell & Single production

Phayell is working on his sound, and developing that emotion we all find hypnotizing. His fans love his expression of self, and his carefree attitude. We want that emulated in the music more and always. Currently he’s inspired by dancehall. So we made him a collaborative playlist of dancehall hits on Spotify. Feel free to give and listen, and let us know what you would add to the playlist: DM us, or email us.

In the near future, Phayell will be releasing more singles. Currently his sound is a mix between dancehall and his own cultural influences, life stories from his hometown, all mixed in with heavy pop and rock influences. As he develops his voice more, we might be surprised with what he has to release.

Watch out for:
  1. EazyKayy’s EP dropping soon

  2. Phayell Singles

  3. Our social media (@ciebeljayinc): we’ll be re-sharing everything going on with both artists

  4. Dropping our 1st Merchandise collection: we’ll be reaching out to our email subscribers for feedback

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